How We Serve

A Few of Our Success Stories

  • Coaching a startup business owner from Excel spreadsheets into QuickBooks Online
  • Coaching a business owner to understand the timing of her customer invoices, customer payment and bank deposits vs. her QuickBooks Report information
  • Coaching a new start-up owner on how to use the Smart Phone QuickBooks Online App to manage her business while on the road
  • Teaching a live group update session on what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online and Apps
  • Work with business owners to prepare strategic business plans including cash management, forecast and budget projections.
  • Served as interim controller of a $20 million revenue service company with multi-state operations managing eight finance staff and coordinating with outside consultants implementing Oracle accounting package while Chief Financial Officer searched for ideal permanent controller candidate.
  • Work with business owner and bookkeeper to establishing process and procedures to use QuickBooks Pro® features to simplify and automate the accounting and reporting. Return for quarterly meetings to review “how” the process and procedures are working. Coach business owner on financial analysis techniques for improved business management.
  • Served as part-time Chief Financial Officer for a $5 million revenue service company including assisting with the set up of an office-wide integrated firm management, job time and cost tracking and accounting software package improving owner’s ability to understand their financial reports.
  • Assist owner understanding financial reports, KPI analysis and making recommendations for improved company performance, procedure efficiency and management decisions.
  • Work with business owners and operations manager to automate the business & accounting process for a sales organization providing installation services structured to allow administrative level personnel to easily process the day to day transactions and owner reports.


“My daughter started a mobile veterinary practice in another state. A friend of hers helped her set up her QuickBooks account, but she quickly became too busy to handle the day to day accounting. As a retiree I had more time, so I volunteered to handle the day to day accounting for her. Because my daughter was using QuickBooks Online, I could access her account from my home a few states away. I quickly realized that with no accounting or QuickBooks knowledge – I needed help! Denise taught me how to use QuickBooks Online and helped me resolve the more complicated transactions. In only a few sessions, Denise was able to teach me what I needed to know and gave me the confidence to perform the day to day accounting tasks for my daughter’s QuickBooks. I highly recommend Denise if you want to learn to use QuickBooks in the most efficient manner!”

Veterinary Clinic Bookkeeper

“I couldn’t be happier with my support from Denise Grove. She listens to what I need and has taken the time and interest to learning about my business, so she can provide the most cost-effective solutions that best meet my needs now and into the future. I highly recommend her to any small business owner who needs help getting their financial reporting in order so they can focus on what they do best, running their business! I have a small consulting business which had outgrown my “homegrown” way of keeping my books. Before making any changes, Denise reviewed my information needs and recommended that I set my company up in the Cloud based QuickBooks Online solution. She quickly and efficiently set my QuickBooks up and provided several excellent suggestions on how I could improve my expense tracking and client invoicing processes using the QuickBooks features. These process changes now allow me more time to focus on making money for my business instead of doing paperwork which has now been automated. Denise works remotely with my business in Houston, Texas and can make this a seamless process by using online meeting technology. It is like she is sitting right next to me. Via the Cloud she can monitor how I am doing with entries and suggest more techniques on how to improve data entry resulting in the reporting which I need to better manage my business (and have our income taxes prepared). Denise has sized and priced my business solution to my needs today, while helping me look ahead to how I can incrementally efficiently use additional QuickBooks features as my business grows.”


“Although our organization is less than 20 employees, our accounting requirements were becoming more complex as our business grew.  Although we had a full-time bookkeeper, the month end closing was behind with questionable accuracy and usefulness of our financial reports.    Without timely and accurate information, I was not able to make informed decisions.  We needed a better solution but could not justify the cost of a full time Controller (CPA).  Working part-time with CFO Support, Inc. for a little over a year, we have accomplished several of our strategic objectives outlined at the beginning of our relationship such as:

Timely information – the month end closing process is completed within seven days

Increase the quality and accuracy of our financial reports – redesigned and implemented a new chart of accounts plus developed custom financial reports that make it easier to understand what is happening in the business

Streamline our accounting processes – accomplishing more with a part time bookkeeper than we did formerly with a full-time bookkeeper

Reduce the total cost of the accounting function – Accounting related expenses dropped by 30%

Our company’s on-going relationship with CFO Support is important to ensuring our team follows our accounting procedures properly and our leadership team have the timely, accurate report information we need to grow our business.”

Software Company President