Cash is King.  Money Does Not Grow on Trees.  A Budget tells Your Money Where to Go.

Financial Freedom is as unique as each business, family & individual. Financial problems create stress. Financial Freedom provides independence and life choice flexibility.

Ever wondered how a financial consultant could help your business, non-profit, family and/or you?  Well …. here’s a couple of points (and the types of knowledge and experience my services provide – shamelesss plug for me here! 🙂 ):

  • Accurate financial reports are essential for profitable organizations.  You much know your history – actual income and spending.    Are your QuickBooks reports understandable & correct? Do you use your QuickBooks reports to run your business? Are you exporting QuickBooks information into Excel to get the answers you need to manage your business? Would you like to see that information saved as a custom reportin QuickBooks?
  • Budgets & Forecast provide plans to manage your finite financial resources to achieve your Business & Personal Priorities?
  • Cash Flow Challenges? Learn about PROFIT FIRST trans-formative cash managementsystem and how it can help plan for your future cash spending.
  • Are you working on a Business Plan? Do you need financial projections? Ask me about the cloud-based solution called Live Plan!
  • Learn financial best financial practices and practical ways to use them.
  • Is your Business supporting your family & your personal financial needs? How about the financial needs of your Employee and their families?  As the business owner, are you planning for your retirement?  Does the business provide adequate funds for your personal expenses & income tax payments?
  • Families and individuals have a resources for their personal financial questions. The Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach training and mentorship further expanded my long time knowledge to serve as your trusted personal financial consultant.
  • One of today’s most popular benefits Employers are offering is personal financial coaching as an Employee Benefit.  As a business owner, you know your employee’s financial problems don’t stop while they are working.

Here’s to Your improved Financial Success!

Honored to share my knowledge & serve,


Financial Consultant with the Heart of a Teacher| Denise W. Grove, owner of CFO Support, Inc.|Grove Solutions